Townhouse is always open to TGirl members and guests, all new visitors will be shown around the club on arrival to get you settled in.

Membership is free and  TGirls can use their membership on any night, so it is worth doing. To gain a membership, you just need ID with your name and address on it. You will always be known by your female name, so don't worry if your ID is in your male name.

Entry is £10 on all nights with a £10 deposit for your locker key/bar tab

Admirers are welcome at Deeva and are a very important part of the club for many girls.

Male, Female and Couple admirers attend on all nights but numbers vary from one event to another. 

Female and Couple admirers can attend as guests on any night and just need to bring full ID

Male admirers must be members  to attend a Wednesday and Saturday night. Thursday and Fridays tend to be non member events and admirers can gain access with ID and they need to be on our guestlist. 

We have a full calendar of events on our main website right up until the end of 2018. 

Please follow this link 

Our TGirls tend to favour our Saturdays, BDSM nights and our Kinky Karaoke nights 

Hot tub and sauna
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Private play room